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About Epicurean Journeys

When Jean-Christophe Poizat of Maison Vauron and Franck Lemaitre of Once Upon a Trip started bandying ideas around, the end result was Epicurean Journeys.

At Maison Vauron we’ve always taken clients with us when visiting wine producers, and without exception the experience has blown people away. This was not the clichéd France of the tourist brochures.

With Epicurean Journeys we’re taking this a step further. We’re not just keen for people to see France as we see it: the food, the wine, the landscapes and the people, but to experience events out of the ordinary - les vendanges, the Christmas markets in Alsace, tasting under the stars in the grounds of Chateau de Chenonceau and more. 

Restricted to groups of no more than eight, and with your own personal guide, you’ll visit and taste with small producers, you’ll eat with the locals, but above all you’ll see and experience the real France.